Geospatial Intelligence at scale

Our mission is to enable timely response to climate variability across the world.



Our marketing product, GeoSift, uses geospatial intelligence to enable up to 10x reduction in customer acquisition costs for insurance providers.

Water Resource Management

Our river monitoring product, ASSIST, provides daily streamflow estimates (derived from satellite imagery) that are essential for water resource management and forecasting.


Drought Monitoring in Uruguay

Learn how we are assessing the impacts of droughts in Uruguay by monitoring more than 700 agricultural reservoirs in the country.

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Flood Mapping in Nigeria    

Learn how we are assessing the impact of floods in Nigera by mapping more than 80,000 sq. kms. of area along rivers Niger and Benue.

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ReaLSAT is our open-source dataset that provides surface area variations of more than half a million water bodies.

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Physics Guided Machine Learning for Satellite Imagery Analysis at Scale

Our technology builds on decades of research on land cover change detection across multiple sectors. The algorithms are not just data driven but also incorporate physical laws which makes them more powerful than traditional black box machine learning techniques.


Algorithms have been validated through extensively using non-trivial reference datasets.


Our technology portfolio consists of patented algorithms that span multiple disciplines such as water, agriculture, forestry and urbanization.


The use of physical principles make the algorithms much more robust to atmospheric distrubances such as clouds, shadows, aerosols which are a major issue in satellite imagery analysis.


Our processing pipelines do all the heavy lifting and produce relevant physical quantities that are easy to integrate in existing workflows.


Mark Knapp

Co-Founder and CEO

Ankush Khandelwal

Co-Founder and CTO

John-Isaac Clark

Strategic Advisor

Anita Tulsiani

Marketing Advisor